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Thread: Walbro Pick up's

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    Walbro Pick up's

    Has anybody put these in to their tanks for EFI conversions? I will be using a Tank's Inc. setup welded in to my factory tank. They look like they would be a good way to prevent any starvation issues.

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    I would run one in the center too.

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    looks pretty slick. I used an exterior pump that came with my EFI 6 pack; if I ever redo it I will probably go to an intank design. I was a little concerned about using one initially thinking that if it ever died it would suck to replace, however since they are obviously in wide spread use I have re-thought it. Definitely cleans things up and makes an install easier (depending on where the pump is positioned). I will probably use something like this for my Roadrunner as I am going to EFI that big hemi.
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