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Thread: What oil do you like for roller cam/OHC engines?

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    What oil do you like for roller cam/OHC engines?

    May as well start this debate here too lol. Posted on Speedtalk and BITOG too. Basically I have a lot of friends that run Rotella 15w40, because everyone says its the best, yada yada. I know it works good for flat tappets, but seems like roller engines (whether OHV or OHC) could take advantage of newer full synthetic formulas that have less ZDP or whatever in it, as they don't need it as much.

    I'm looking at running Pennzoil Platinum in my Durango with the 4.7, as this is what SRT is recommending for the new SRT Hemi's. A lot of people seem to have good luck with Royal Purple too.

    What do you guys like?
    Rob M.

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    Mobil 1 or Joe Gibbs.

    I am currently running 0w-40 mobil one in my 440.

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    Brad Penn 20-50 in my 451"

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