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Thread: Sparco steering wheel on mopar column ??

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    Sparco steering wheel on mopar column ??

    Hey guys , as the title states . Did anybody put a sparco steering wheel with a quick disconnect or without on their mopar steering columns and how lol ??? If anybody got info or what parts needed please let me known. Btw it's 1973 Dodge Dart sport .

    Thanks Peter

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    I have a momo on my 71 runner. It was a pita as I first bought a billet hub that is for a cuda (the hubs are huge!) I took it a machine shop and had them mill it down a fell inches and tapered to the wheel, and the bolt pattern installed. In the end I think it costed me around $400 to do this mod, not cheap but I love my momo!! you can see what I did in my build thread page 8. The reason I used a existing hub was they had the horn figured out already so I thought I'd just "improve" their design lol
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    Build thread!!!http://www.protouringmopar.com/showthread.php?796-1971-Speedipus-Rex

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