Hello everyone.
I finally painted my 1969 charger and we are in the wet sanding phase, ( Ill post pix later when we are done) I had originally thought to do a full hotchkis TVS system. A friend of mine who also has a second gen 1968 charger asked me what type of suspension I was going with. upon hearing my thoughts he countered with why not a coil over/ rack and pinion? I said that the alterkation unit was very expensive and was out of my budget. He then stated his reasons why I should think twice about using an old torsion bar design and not a newer and improved full front suspension with rack and pinion and coil overs. I then went home and began pricing everything out and honestly when everything is said and done the
Hotchkis TVS system
fast pitman arm
borgenson steeting box
power steering pump
front brake kit
hotchkis torsion bars
hotchkis shocks
all together add up to almost the same amount as the Reilly alterkation unit (or one like it Gerst, HDK etc)
I am going to use my car as a weekend warrior and also autocross. No drag strip for me. I would like it to handle well and be as comfortable as possible. Y have 18X9 wheels up front and 19X12 in the back.
For those of you that have either of these units (rack and pinion or Hotchkis) Do you like them and why did you choose one over the other?