Unfortunately my 70' Charger has been sitting for a few years while I finished my degree. I'm about to start working on her again, but need some help/advice on wheels.

Shortly before storing her away, I put 17" mustang wheels w/ 1" spacers on. I got these wheels because at the time I was considering an RMS suspension and they are recommended.

Currently my 70' has 4 wheel drums and I'm looking to swap to disc brakes all around (researching that as well). I also am not very comfortable with running such a big spacer either, especially after seeing my cousin loose a wheel with one in his vehicle.

Any advice on having these wheel fit safer, tire size for a full look, and disc conversions?

My goal for the car is to eventually put a Gen III in it and modernize it a bit, I want it to be a comfortable, enjoyable ride, that is reliable for long trips with respectable gas mileage. No plans to race or anything else.