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Thread: NOS on a Supercharged 440

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    NOS on a Supercharged 440

    I am installing a Procharger D1SC on my rebuilt 440 and wanted to add a small shot of nitrous for gawk appeal more than performance. The purges will be blue LED coming out of the front side markers. My question is.....will a 100 shot (NOS perimeter plate) actually perform as a 100 shot or will it be more (because of its cooling properties), or less (because of the additional PSI but only 100HP jets). Again let me emphasize it is more for under the hood appeal, and purging than an actual performance enhancement, I just don't want to damage my engine.
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    1968 Charger "Godzilla"
    Supercharged 440CI 900HP/810lbs TQ 8.5:1CR
    354 Dana, Caltracs, 4 Speed, 4 Wheel disc' on 20's
    1969 HEMI Roadrunner "KONG"

    426 stroked to 506CI, 700HP/615ft/lbs TQ 10.48:1CR
    410 Dana, Caltracs, 727TF, 4 Wheel Disc's on 20's

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    You can purge all you want and not hurt a thing. With 900hp already, 20s and a 4 speed what do you spose that extra 100hp is gonna do? Plus unless you have a Mega block or equivelent, that NOSS shot is only gonna leave your crank laying on the ground shortly after you hit the button......

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    440+supercharger+NOS= oneHellovaRide!

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    You should gain more than 100 hp due to the cooling effect that the nitrous has on the compressed inlet charge. Ricers will sometimes use N2O systems to cool their intercoolers, the nozzles are set around the perimeter of the intercooler and, when activated, the spray chills the air passing through the intercooler without introducing N2O into the combustion mix.

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    Just a novice opinion... I would tend to think that you will see less than the stated 100hp, because NOS rates their HP levels at the cylinder volume of a 350 ci engine. Your cylinders are considerably larger which will significantly change the ratio and render the nitrous less effective. It will still make power, just in my experience it will be less than the stated rating. Also if you are new to nitrous, do not forget to modify your timing appropriately. Detonation is what causes nitrous cars to go boom. At 100 hp you should be fine, but with the increased cylinder pressures of the boost I would error on the side of caution. Also, I noticed you are blowing through a carb, again assuming your boost levels are 9lbs or less, you will not see as much HP benefit of the NOS cooling as a ricer would with 20+ lbs of boost. Never the less... Would be really cool! And I am jealous of the D1!!

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